Ridesharing: Tips to make more money

Ridesharing is getting popularity day by day and new companies are jumping in the market to avail this money making opportunity.

It’s not that simple to make good money from Ridesharing but it needs lot of planning and effort. We have compiled a list of tips for Ridesharing drivers. This list is exclusively made for those who want to drive for full time but it is useful for part timers too.

  1. Population: Check if the planned Uber city have enough population so you can get considerable rides to make money. A city or group of towns must have at least 200,000 population to drive Uber.
  2. Busy Areas: Buy a paper map and mark busy areas on the map. Try to stay near the busy areas. These could be School, College, University, Hospital, shopping mall or a big company building.
  3. Busy Times: Uber gets most riders in the morning and in the evening. Shift change times are good times if your city have industries. Its good to collect shift change information.
  4. Learn how to ride Uber. This will give you an understanding about the situations riders order the rides. You may guide them in case they need any help ordering the ride.
  5. Avoid Cancellations: Majority riders are not technically sound and may not be good in using cellphone. Once you get the order then try to find them. Send them a text message for more information or call them. Give them your car color or model info. Ask couple of questions about their whereabouts. Help them find you.
  6. Extending the ride: Talk to your riders once they get in. Politely ask if this is just a drop off or they want to continue the run. Some riders want to go to multiple places and they might prefer you to drive them to all the places. Continue the ride if wait time is not much.
  7. Picking the Same Rider: Most of Uber riders go for doctor appointment or any other kind of appointment or visit. If they tell you about booking the Uber after the appointment then its better to stay in the same parking lot while you wait for next ride. In less busy areas you may pick them again and drop at the address they want to go now.
  8. Position: Plan your next step while you drop off your rider. Read the paper map or Tablet map and think about to position your car for next ride. Majority drop off locations are also good pick up spots too.
  9. Operating Cost: It is very important to know the operating cost of your vehicle. Include every possible expense while you calculate the operating cost. Operating cost of commercial vehicles is always calculated as per kilometer or per mile. Avoid driving your car without any solid reason.
  10. Savings Miles/Kilometers: Too far pick ups increase your operating cost. Try to stay in the inner circle as to avoid the far away pick up calls. On an average drivers do not accept calls those are more than 5 kilometers away. Reducing the pick up distance increases your profit margins.
  11. Longer Rides: These rides are not profitable as you drive back empty.