Honda Civic 2013 Operating Cost for Uber Rideshare

Honda Civic is most popular for its durability and reliability. It is widely used in commercial businesses too. One of the best use is to use it for Ridesharing business. Some people are using it for delivery purposes too. The operating cost of Honda Civic is also one of the major factors to drive it for Rideshare business or delivery. In Canada people are using this vehicle for following businesses:

  1. Uber Ridesharing (UberX) and UberEats
  2. Lyft
  3. InstaRyde
  4. Skip the Dishes
  5. Just Eats

How much is the operating cost per Kilometer to drive Honda Civic?

How to determine the operating cost per Kilometer?

What are the profit margins while driving Honda Civic?


Honda Civic 2013 and the driver drives about 60,000 Kilometers per year. The car would last only 3 more years and the meter reading would be 300,000 kilometers.

Assume the driver will use the car up to the last mile. Here we would add up all the expenses for the rest of the life of the car.

Purchase Price: $11,000.00 (with 100,000.00 Kilometers already driven)

Cost Item Cost Cost Per Kilometer
Purchase Price $11,000.00 $0.0550
Safety Test $100.00 $0.0005
Detailing $150.00 $0.0008
Brakes (3 times for 200,000 Kms) $2,100.00 $0.0105
Tires 3 Times $2,400.00 $0.0120
Mufler $750.00 $0.0038
Car Wash (150 Times)X$13 $1,950.00 $0.0098
Oil Changes (200000/8000) $1,500.00 $0.0075
Filters $900.00 $0.0045
Gas (9 Kilometers/Litre) $27,555.00 $0.1378
Insurance $5,220.00 $0.0261
Cellphone $4,600.00 $0.0230
Accidents $2,000.00 $0.0100
Oils $450.00 $0.0023
Battery $180.00 $0.0009
Emission Test $100.00 $0.0005
Coolant $150.00 $0.0008
Windshield Washer $750.00 $0.0038
Tuning $1,200.00 $0.0060
Total $63,055.00 $0.3153

Standard cost to drive is 32 cents per kilometer. Calculate your your cost at the end of each shift and deduct it from Uber earnings.