Convert Uber income into real net income

Convert Uber income into real net income is a most popular topic these days. Drivers are working hard to make more money every day but its really hard to make real net money.

We have made a list of tips to increase your earnings. These are as under:

  1. Study real busy hours in your market and try to drive at that time. These hours could be morning and evenings.
  2. Mark your calendar for important events. Its money making time when you know about a party or gathering. Head out at that time and make money.
  3. Target schools and colleges schedules. Students are using ridesharing a lot and they are quick riders.
  4. Hospitals are another good spots where you may find a ride.
  5. Bus terminals are nice spots to find rides.
  6. New House construction areas: these areas have no bus service and people have to use Uber or Taxi.
  7. Shopping Malls: Shopping Mall is the best area in the evening as most people come there for shopping.
  8. High rise building complexes are most popular for Uber users as they can keep only one car and 2nd person in the house uses Uber.
  9. Factory Area: There are several areas around where lot of people come for work. Several employees just use Uber to go home.
  10. Airport: This areas is good too but you need to check local regulations if they allow rideshare guys to come pick riders from Arrivals.